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Oracle MDM Online Training

Oracle Master data management (MDM) Online Training is the technology that offers a trustworthy view of a company’s data and makes that data willingly available to other business functions. To understand MDM, it is crucial to first define master data; master data is the business data of an organization that consists of product, supplier, and customer information.

Master data management (MDM) is a critical process for ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data in an organization. It includes centralization and standardization of key data elements to improve data quality, reduce data redundancy and increase operational efficiency.

This Oracle Master data management (MDM) online course provides a comprehensive overview of Oracle MDM, including key concepts, best practices, and the benefits it can bring. You'll learn about the different components of MDM, including data management, data quality, and data architecture. The Oracle MDM, training will also cover various MDM technologies, such as data warehouses, data marts, and data lakes, and how they can be used to support MDM initiatives.
Master data management solutions enable makes sure that a company’s data is accurate and governed across enterprise applications, like enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise performance management (EPM), and more.

The benefits of this Oracle MDM online training

The benefits of this Oracle Master data management (MDM) online training program are numerous. First, you'll gain an in-depth look at MDM and how it can help you improve your data management processes. Second, you'll learn how to choose the right MDM technology to support your specific needs, and how to implement it effectively. Finally, you'll discover how to measure the success of your MDM program and improve your data management processes over time.

Key Features of Oracle MDM:
 Provides business process management.
 Match and merge function.
 Provides good data quality and profiling aspects.
 Box option is available. It is easy to maintain all the features of the box.
 Supports loading and validation.

Oracle databases, MDM grants various important data management functions:
 Data Uniformity - One important role of MDM is calling attributes by common
names, and a enormous job of an MDM administrator is collecting and referencing
all names for shared data, usually from mining the Oracle data dictionary.
 Data Synonyms - Most enterprise have context-sensitive entries. For instance, a
person can be a "customer" to the sales department, while a person can be an "employee" to the HR department. MDM offers for the management of common
entities and the documentation of department-specific information.
 Data keys - The usage of shared data components ranges between department, as
does the keys for the data.
 Cross platform data usage - Additionally to understanding the data structures and
data relationships within the corporate schema, the master data management
specialist must also be well-versed in SQL and understand the result of not null data

Basic accounting concepts Basic knowledge of Oracle EPM products.

Salary package:
The average annual pay for the Oracle MDM jobs is 9,095,56 a year.


30-35 hrs

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