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Oracle Logfire Online Training

1. Company and User Creation
2.  Inbound
a.  PO and ASN creation
b.  Appointment creation
c.  Receiving
d. LockCodes
e.  Quality Check
f.  CrossDock
3.  Putaway
a.  Suggested Putaway
b.  Directed Putaway
4.  Outbound
a.  Wave template
b.  Task template
c.  Allocation Mode
d.  Cubed Picking
e.  NonCubed Picking
f.  Zone Picking
g.  Picking Exceptions
h.  Pick Carts
i.  Put To Store
j.  Repack : Combine / Split
5.  Outbound - Shipping
a. Carrier and Route configuration
b. TL/LTL and Manifest
c. Loading and shipping
6.  Inventory management
a.  Creating Location
b.  Creating items
c.  Cycle Count
d.  LOT Management
e.  Serial Number Tracking
f.  Replenishment
7.  Web Reports


Oracle Logfire is cloud  solution of  Oracle Warehouse management. LogFire is modern warehouse application that offers flexible configuration and covers the end-to-end operations of the warehouse. Oracle Logfire WMS Cloud Training   offers robust multichannel functionality, which enables complete warehouse and logistics fulfillment from any browser-based device. Oracle Logfire Corporate Online Training  includes inbound and outbound  fulfillment execution, cross dock and tostore management, value-added services, as well as reverse logistics, which deliver total management of inventory from manufacturer to DC to store and ultimately to the consumer. Oracle Logfire Online Training  built-for-the-cloud solution provides an integrated warehouse, inventory and workforce management platform that easily scales with increased volume and complexity. More than 40 customers from the retail, consumer goods, third-party logistics and ecommerce sectors use LogFire’s solutions to fulfill over 100 million global orders annually.

Benefits of Oracle Logfire WMS Training:

Ø  Optimize business performance

Ø  Outperform with intelligence

Ø  Deliver an exceptional customer experience



30-35 hrs

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