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Oracle GoldenGate Online Training

Oracle GoldenGate is a software product that provides you to replicate, filter, and transform data from one database to another database. Using Oracle GoldenGate, you can transfer committed transactions across various heterogeneous systems in your enterprise. Oracle GoldenGate allows you to replicate data between Oracle databases to another supported heterogeneous database, and between heterogeneous databases. Additionally, you can replicate to Java Messaging Queues, Flat Files, and to Big Data targets in integration with Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data.

Oracle GoldenGate has the following key features:

 Movement of data is in real-time, decreased latency.
 Only committed transactions are moved, allowing consistency, and better
 Different versions and releases of Oracle Database are supported as well as a wide
range of heterogeneous databases running on a different operating systems. Allows
replicate data from an Oracle Database to a various heterogeneous database.
 Simple structure and can be easily configured.
 High performance with least overhead on the underlying databases and

There are no prerequisites for taking up oracle GoldenGate training if someone has
knowledge of the following topics, they can learn the concepts in a very short time.
 Understanding the basics of oracle database
 Understanding of Linux commands
 Basics of using vi and gedit for text file editing with Linux
 Knowledge of the basics of oracle DBA

Oracle GoldenGate Training course aims to deliver quality training that covers solid
fundamental knowledge on core concepts with a practical approach. 

Average salary of an employee who knows GoldenGate is ₹21.9lakhs.
Employees who know GoldenGate earn an average of ₹21.9lakhs, mostly ranging from
₹17.5lakhs to ₹41.9lakhs based on 45 profiles.

Oracle GoldenGate is one of the key and attractive careers for any engineer who is really
interested in upgrading their career in the administrator role.
User in industries:
 Over 400 customers with 4,000+ implementations across 500 companies: Financial
Services, Communications, Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail &Utilities industries
 There are many different architectures that can be configured, ranging from a simple
unidirectional architecture to a more complex peer-to-peer one.
 There are approximately 5,352 companies that use GoldenGate. The companies found in
the Information Technology and Services industry are the one which uses GoldenGate.
GoldenGate is utilized by companies with >10000 employees and >1000M dollars in

Oracle GoldenGate training helps students understand data integration in real-time,
data capture, transaction change, data replication, verification, etc.


30-35 hrs

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