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Oracle Communications Data Model online training

Oracle Communications Data Model (OCDM) is a standards-based data warehouse and
analytics application developed for the communications industry. OCDM integrates market-
leading communications application knowledge with the performance of Oracle’s Database
and Business Intelligence (BI) platforms.
Oracle has designed the Oracle Communications Data Model (OCDM), which combines
market-leading communications application knowledge with the performance of Oracle’s
database and business intelligence (BI) platforms.
OCDM can be utilized in any application environment and is easily extendable. Using it, you
can jump-start the design and implementation of a superior communications data
warehouse that accurately matches your requirements, ensuring a positive return on
investment (ROI) with a predictable implementation effort.

Key Features:
 Physical data model implementation with thousands of tables and columns.
 Multiple model tiers from a third-normal-form (3NF) foundation layer, to
dimensional models at the obtained and aggregate layer.
 Pre-built, industry specific advanced forecasting and predictive analytic models using
OLAP cubes and data mining technologies.
 Out of the box reports and dashboards delivering a variation of industry specific

Key Benefits:
 Minimize time, cost, and risk for a data warehouse or business intelligence
implementation and faster time-to-value.
 Developed and optimized for Oracle data warehouses, including Oracle Exadata.
 Works with each communications application.
 Easy to expand and customize.
 Expeditious data warehouse implementation with inbuilt components and
embedded data warehousing best practices for communications service givers.


30-35 hrs

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