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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Online Training

Learn Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Online Training with leaders and influencers of the industry.

Proexcellency provide Oracle Cloud Infrastructure training   forefront leaders who have more then 10+ years experiences in this industry. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a platform of cloud services that permits you to build and run a huge variety of applications in a highly available, repeatedly high-performance environment. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Data as a Service (DaaS) functionalities in a single, comprehensive platform. Together with OCI, Oracle has combined an array of affordably priced compute, storage, database, networking, and platform services geared with respect to the enterprise, which includes small and medium size. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) online training will train you on core concepts like launching bare metal and virtual computer instances, using advanced database features

Core concepts of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI):
Tenancy: When you sign up for OCI, oracle allocates you a tenancy which is generally a
protected and segregated compartment that hold on to your cloud resources. The name of your tenancy is the name of your Oracle cloud account which may be changed.

Compartments: Compartment is another logical concept that allows you to organize and control access to your cloud resources. A compartment is a collection of related cloud resources like cloud networks and computes instances that can be accessed by users with the desired permissions.

Access policy and working of policy inheritance: Admins can generate access policies to supervise who can acquire the resources enclosed by each compartment. The compartment hierarchy can cross up to six levels deep.

Limitations on moving resources among compartments: Some resources, like Container Engine for Kubernetes clusters, functions, or policies, cannot be moved to other containers. When operating resources with dependencies along with other resources, it can take some time for the dependencies to be visible in the new compartment.

Regions, Region Subscriptions & Realms: Your home region is the geographical region where your Oracle account and IAM (Identity Access Management) resources were created. A realm is a logical collection of regions and a tenancy can exist only in one realm with access to the regions within that realm.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) training program helps you secure a promising career with extensive knowledge of cloud platform features.

The difference between Oracle OIC online training vs OCI online training.

the trainer describe between two most valuable training course, so OIC runs on top of OCI. when in fact OCI stands for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure which is an IaaS and PaaS offering from Oracle which offers real-time elasticity for enterprise applications by combining Oracle's autonomous services, integrated security, and Server less computing.

Benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

 Ability to build on existing, on-premises investments
 High performance worthy of mission-critical applications
 Highly secure infrastructure
 Open architecture
 Oracle expertise


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