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NetSuite Suite analytics and reporting online training

NetSuite Suite analytics and reporting capabilities provide real-time insight into your
organization's operational and financial performance across all business functions. These
pre-built, easily customizable reports and analytics make it easy to get the data you need,
and role-based dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) help you monitor
business performance.

Benefits of NetSuite Analytics and Reporting:
 Get up and run fast: Pre-built reports, role-based dashboards, and KPIs are based on
industry-leading practices.
 Make better decisions safely: Self-service capabilities provide information to
analysts and decision makers without relying on IT.
 More efficient reporting: A central database reduces the time required to
consolidate and coordinate information.

The Challenge NetSuite Analytics and Reporting Solution:
 Multiple spreadsheets and data silos: With all your financial and operational data
centralized, you do not have time to consolidate and reconcile information.
 Inefficient manual reporting: Pre-built, industry-standard reports and no-code
customization capabilities help business users get the information they need quickly.
 Business developments that are difficult to track: Integrate business performance
metrics into dashboards and KPIs.

Key features of NetSuite Analytics include:
 Custom reports: You can create custom reports that display data in various formats such
as tables, charts, and graphs. Reports can also be automatically generated and
scheduled to be sent to specific users on a regular basis.
 Dashboard: You can create custom dashboards to display real-time data in visual
formats such as charts, graphs, and gauges. Dashboards allow you to track key
performance indicators and make data-driven decisions quickly and easily.
 Data visualization: NetSuite Analytics includes various visualization options such as pie
charts, bar charts, and line charts. You can use these visualizations to make your data
more meaningful and easier to understand.

 Filtering and sorting data: You can filter and sort data in NetSuite Analytics to focus on
specific records or find specific information.
 Cooperation: Share reports and dashboards with others and collaborate on data analysis
in real time.


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