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NetSuite PSA online training

One of the key highlights of NetSuite PSA is that it is an all-in-one solution for managing
project activities, resources, expenses, project accounting, and more. Cloud-based tools can
help improve your ROI and eliminate additional hardware and software maintenance costs.
NetSuite claims to offer extensive support for mobile users as well.
Project managers and collaborators can work together to discuss schedule and project
issues. Employees can keep track of progress and complete work on time. This will help you
stay within your budget and not go overboard. Managers can rely on optimal resource
utilization, know who is working on which projects, and what their current status is.

Key Features of NetSuite Professional Services Automation (PSA):
 Project Management – ​​When it comes to project management, organizations can
increase transparency and track all financial metrics related to projects. Managers can
see project progress in real-time, log problems and issues for quick resolution, and
ensure the best possible customer experience.
 Project Accounting – Project accounting features allow companies to manage their
income, expenses, and profits. Accounting and sales departments can send invoices to
customers on time and even simplify complex sales calculations. Upper management
has a centralized view of the overall situation and project progress.
 Resource Management – ​​Resource management deals with resource forecasting and
allocation to automate resource usage. The software also allows you to perform
advanced searches to allocate resources to the right people and track their usage.
 Expense Management – ​​Expense management is concerned with establishing rules for
allocating funds to projects, consolidating expenses across multiple projects, and
creating a single report for all expenses. Managers can track expense reports in real
time, approve or reject them, and review past spending history.
 Timesheet Management - Timesheet Management keeps both employees and managers
informed of how long it will take to complete a project. Employees can submit
timesheets from anywhere, while managers can set the time allotted for specific
projects. This allows you to send accurate invoices to your customers.


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