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NetSuite Marketing automation online training

Marketing automation enables organizations to deliver advanced digital, customer-centric marketing
by effectively managing the dialogue with prospects and customers. It does this through campaigns
that can be deployed to support different engagement strategies at key stages of each potential
customer's "buyer journey."
Marketing automation provides the core functionality for organizations to target buyers through
advanced profiling and segmentation strategies, to connect media and channels to landing pages for
lead generation, to gain insight through visitor tracking and lead scoring approaches and to nurture
leads to create sales-ready opportunities.
With marketing automation, data-driven trigger campaigns (newsletter campaigns, welcome
campaigns, keep close campaigns, onboarding campaigns) can be automated based on user behavior
or defined events, enabling standard processes and customer touches to be streamlined and
automated. For example, a process could be activated to automatically send welcome emails to
prospects a set number of days following the completion of a contact-request form.

Marketing Automation Components:
The core components needed to build and activate campaigns in a marketing automation platform
 Contact data: This involves uploading, importing or syncing data from CRM systems and
leveraging the marketing automation platform's core functionality to build data segments
that reflect your target audience.
 Campaign flows, nurtures and triggers: Each step within a campaign flow will need emails,
which are triggered based on prospect action or at specific time intervals. The email should
link to a landing page with an embedded form to collect data and enable additional
campaign steps and flows.
 Quality content: Automated campaign flows, nurturing, and triggers will only work if your
marketing automation platform is populated with a significant amount of content that is
genuinely helpful to your prospects.
 Lead scoring model: To automate the process of routing leads to sales, you need a lead
scoring model that combines profile relevance and behavioural attributes to identify leads
that are most likely to convert.


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