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NetSuite Inventory Management online training

NetSuite Inventory Management provides a single, real-time inventory view across all
locations and distribution channels, enabling businesses to reduce inventory, free up cash,
and eliminate stockouts. By optimizing inventory levels and ensuring product availability
across multiple channels, NetSuite Inventory Management helps companies control
inventory costs while exceeding customer expectations.
With NetSuite Inventory Management, you can predefine fulfillment rules to eliminate
multiple shipments per order and avoid high shipping costs.
Visibility into inventory across all locations to proactively monitor and sell inventory levels
and move inventory between locations as needed to ensure inventory availability and
minimize obsolescence I can. Sales reps can avoid potential lost sales in out-of-stock
situations with enterprise-wide inventory availability that allows them to transfer, hold, or
ship items directly to customers.

Benefits of NetSuite Inventory Management:
 Inventory level optimization: Ensure you have the right amount of inventory with
demand-based planning that considers past demand, sales forecasts, and
 Improved profitability: Inventory management becomes more efficient and cost-
effective with enterprise-wide inventory visibility.
 Reduced manufacturing costs: Intelligent fulfillment minimizes processing effort and
reduces shipping costs.

Features of Inventory Management:
 Article management: You can create and manage company inventory items,
including item numbers, descriptions, prices, and images.
 Inventory management: Track and manage your company's inventory levels,
including backorders and replenishments.
 Container management: You can track and manage inventory in specific storage
locations (bins) in your warehouse.

 Lot and serial number tracking: Track and manage inventory using unique lot or
serial numbers.

 Drop Shipping: Manage and track orders entered directly from suppliers.
 Intercompany transactions: You can track and manage inventory movements
between different entities within your company.


30-35 hrs

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