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NetSuite Cloud Accounting online training

NetSuite Accounting is a next-generation, cloud-based accounting system that streamlines
and simplifies transaction recording, payment management, debt collection, tax collection,
and book closing. The software also plays a key role in digitizing and transforming the
general ledger, providing a 360-degree view of cash flow and financial performance.
NetSuite Accounting works seamlessly with leading financial, tax and accounting functions
to efficiently manage compliance, payroll, benefits, expenses and more. This helps improve
overall business performance, close financials accurately, reduce costs, save time, and
eliminate mundane back-office tasks.
Accountants and finance professionals can view all data and metrics in one place, including
balance sheets, assets, liabilities, profit margins, and more. Accountants don't have to
create journal entries to record every transaction or collect data from other departments to
keep books. Data is stored in the cloud and easily accessible from anywhere.

Features of the NetSuite accounting system:
 General Ledger - NetSuite's General Ledger gives accountants real-time visibility,
increased flexibility, and detailed reporting. Automate key accounting tasks based on
your organizational structure to meet your specific needs.
 Cash Management – ​​This tool helps financial managers optimize cash flow, check
bank statements and manage liquidity efficiently. Finance departments get a
comprehensive overview of the company's financial situation in order to make
informed decisions.
 Accounts Receivable - Accounts Receivable software streamlines invoice
management, shipping and payment processing, and revenue collection, improving
liquidity and shortening the credit-to-cash cycle.
 Asset Management – ​​NetSuite Accounting also serves as a viable asset management
software solution, providing a complete view of all depreciable and non-depreciable
assets and automating the leasing process.
 Payment Management - This tool simplifies payment capture, acceptance and
management. This feature includes electronic bank payments and payment
processing. The software also offers customers multiple payment options that save
time, minimize processing costs and improve cash flow.


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