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Mulesoft Online Training

MuleSoft is a vendor that offers an integration platform to enable businesses connect data, applications, and devices across on-premises and cloud computing environments.
MuleSoft brings a new combined solution for automation, integration, and Application
Programming Interfaces (APIs) that easily automates any workflow and system for your
team. It enables your team to quickly adapt to constant change and business complexity. Accelerate developer productivity by drawing upon the graphical design environment of Any point Studio for all you MuleSoft platform requirements build, edit, and integrate quickly and easily.

MuleSoft Any point Platform offers several tools and services, including the following:
 Anypoint Studio is a graphical, Java-based design environment that a developer can
utilize to deploy APIs to on-premises and cloud environments.
 Anypoint Connectors are a set of built-in connectors that a developer can utilize to
integrate applications
 Anypoint Analytics is an analytics tool to track API metrics, like performance and
 Anypoint Runtime Manager is a central console from which a developer can
provision and manage all resources practice on the Anypoint Platform across hybrid
cloud architectures.
 Anypoint Monitoring is a dashboard that enables a development team monitor
application health.
 Anypoint Visualizer is a graphical tool to map APIs and their assurance in real time.

One of the main prerequisites to take this MuleSoft training course is some experience in programming, especially with Object-Oriented languages like Java. In addition, it is good to possess a basic understanding of data formats, such as JSON, XML, and CSV, and integration technologies such as HTTP, SOAP, and REST to master MuleSoft in a shorter time.


MuleSoft, give of the world most widely used integration platform for connecting
Enterprises. According to Enlyft, more than 5,949 companies utilize MuleSoft. The demand for talented MuleSoft professionals is great worldwide with massive opportunities. Learning MuleSoft will put you forward of the curve when looking for opportunities.

Salary package:
 Mulesoft Developer salary in India ranges between ₹ 4.1 Lakhs to ₹ 10.0 Lakhs.
 An average annual salary of ₹ 5.8 Lakhs.
 Mulesoft Developer salary in India with less than 2 years of experience to 5 years
ranges from ₹ 4.1 Lakhs to ₹ 10 Lakhs.

Need for MuleSoft:
IT project demands are increasing at a rate of 32%. Enterprise technology is at an all-time high with an average number of applications that organizations running up to 900! Out of these 900, a measly 23% of applications can talk to each other. Integrations have become a messy business in a world where digital transformation is now no longer a choice, but a necessity. Industrial Revolution 4 has brought with it IoT, AI, cloud computing, blockchain, SaaS, ML, and the list goes on. With everything happening all at once, taking care of core systems without compromising security is key in staying ahead of the competition. A recent study found that nearly 70% of IT’s time is dedicated to keeping the lights on rather than spending it on innovation. MuleSoft could possibly be the signifier of The Little Engine That Could a lesson that every company undergoing a digital transformation now needs.


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