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Moogsoft online training

Moogsoft is an AIOps and observability platform built for IT Operations (ITOps), Developer
Operations (DevOps) and Site Reliability Engineers (SRE).
Moogsoft is an observability platform. Observability tools are designed to monitor systems
and applications using data logs, metrics, and traces. Such data is aggregated and processed
into events to provide actionable insight into system and application security and
performance. An observability platform is more than just a monitoring tool.

Moogsoft simplifies incident resolution using the following four steps:
 Data Collection: Moogsoft collects and normalizes all distributed metrics, event logs,
alerts, and notifications from your monitoring infrastructure, allowing you to view them
in one place.
 Reduce Noise: Once the Moogsoft platform has received all the data, it proceeds to
cleanup. This step consolidates repeated events to reduce the number of alerts.
 Alert Correlation and Identification: Moogsoft uses a correlation engine that analyzes
alerts to identify relationships, patterns and meaning. Group such alerts and create
incidents based on their relationships.
 Improved Incident Response Workflows: Enable users to collaborate in real time and
automate incident response workflows to resolve incidents as quickly as possible.

Features of Moogsoft:
 Integrations: Moogsoft offers many integrations with other tools such as Datadog,
AppDynamics, New Relic, AWS CloudWatch, Azure Application Insights, PagerDuty,
Slack, and more.
 Agent Technology: Moogsoft uses agent-based technology to collect monitoring data
from hardware, software, virtual systems, clouds (hybrid and multi-cloud), and more.
 AI and ML: Moogsoft is an AIOps platform with agile and proactive incident resolution
workflows. Moogsoft's AI and ML platform ingests all your data and provides
correlation, denoising, visualization, causality analysis, and situational space and
workflow engines.

 Advanced Noise Reduction and Correlation: Moogsoft distinguishes between
unimportant and unimportant events. Check and reduce all the noise with a single
consolidated list of incidents.


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