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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management online training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management is that solution. It utilizes a
combination of rule-based orchestration, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data
Built on a modern, open platform, Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management offers the
flexibility companies need to capture orders from any order source, including e-commerce,
marketplace, mobile apps, or traditional sources like electronic data interchange (EDI).
Intelligent Order Management used an integrated, real-time inventory visibility service, a
microservice built on Microsoft Dataverse that is highly scalable and extensible, offering a
single, global view of the inventory positions across systems. Intelligent Order Management
also utilizes distributed order management (DOM) to give real-time recommendations for
each order so they are fulfilled accurately and in a more cost-effective manner, enhancing
supply chain efficiency to better meet customer expectations.

The following contains the components of the solution:
 App: The Intelligent Order Management app offers an interface to view orders and
the fulfilment state. It permits a single place to view orders, regardless of the order
source or how they were fulfilled.
 Providers: Providers helps the transfer of orders and fulfilment information between
different platforms and apps.
 Orchestration: Flows are configured to maintain the journey of an order.
Communication with providers produce events that drive an order through the flow.
 Inventory Visibility Service: This service provides real-time visibility of inventory in
the supply network so that decisions can be made through the order flow.
 Fulfilment optimization: This is a service that can be used through the orchestration
 Insights: Understanding order and fulfilment metrics is critical in decision-making.


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