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Manhattan WMS Online Training

If you want to see yourself as a warehouse manager or Supply Chain Manager or want to be one in the future, then you must be thinking,
What is this Manhattan WMOS and why is it in such demand?

So you have come to the right place, we will explain it to you in detail. Manhattan WMS is a software application that integrates labor management with slotting optimization. This results in streamlined inventory management processes to achieve accurate shipping results and the customer gets a simple process to conduct their work properly.
Warehouse Management System It is an important software today and defines the needs of your organization. For this, your warehouse management system will not run smoothly just by purchasing the software, for this, you will have to get your employees trained in the Manhattan Warehouse Management System from the best institute so that your employees get good and quality information to do it.
There are many Manhattan Active Warehouse Management System training institutes in India and the USA, Proexcellency is one of the very best training institutes for Manhattan Active WMS training.

The Manhattan WMS System is a kind of system application software that is used to control and Manage the daily basis operation in a warehouse. Activities like Inventory receiving and put-away, optimized picking and shipping of orders are guided by the Manhattan WMS Training system. Manhattan WMS Software is software which is designed to support customer calculation in the Omni-channel marketplace and the Warehouse Management solution maximizes productivity and optimizes the potential of every fulfillment center.

The question here is, what is Manhattan Warehouse Management System Training?
A personalized navigation system for your supply chain operations in Manhattan is like this WMS training as it helps you master the essential competencies relevant to you. With real learning instead of general theory, you'll gain practical knowledge through mentor leadership. On top of that, the Manhattan platform helps build and do your projects in real time or even before the day comes, which makes you feel prepared and excited. In addition to that the platform of Manhattan gives you the idea of how you will complete tasks on time or even earlier thus making you well prepared and at your best state.

 Manhattan WMS Training Course Content


  • Introduction to the retail domain, Omni channel retail consulting and technology
  • Warehouse terminology (SKU, iLPN, OLPN etc).
  • Different Interfaces.
  • Yard and Dock Door management
  • WM Outbound(PIX and Ship confirmation)
  • Inventory Control
  • Wave and Order Management.
  • Integration between ERP and WMOS.How it works?
  • ASN and Facilities
  • Case level ASN and SKU level ASN
  • Receiving errors and updates
  • Integration between MHE and WMOS.
  • Task management, Cycle count, and Physical count overview and updates.
  • picking and packing updates
  • Manifest overview and updates.
  • Load trailer and Close trailer functionality
  • Different INT(Inventory need Type) overview.
  • LTL and Parcel rating.

For those interested in Manhattan Warehouse Management training, Proexcellency offers comprehensive Manhattan WMS online and traditional training options. Participants learn essential skills like yard and dock door management, inbound and outbound operations, inventory control, and order management. The training also covers integration with ERP systems, including handling Advance Shipping Notices (ASN) and streamlining processes with Material Handling Equipment (MHE). Additionally, tasks such as task management, cycle counting, picking, packing, trailer loading, and manifest procedures are emphasized. Various inventory need types and shipment rating systems are also explored, ensuring participants gain a thorough understanding of Warehouse Management principles.

Manhattan's warehouse management software package could be a highly mobile and versatile WMS employing advanced AI, machine learning technology, and proprietary algorithms for the orchestration of the industry's initial Warehouse Execution System (WES) at intervals of Warehouse Management System.

Manhattan WMS plays a major role in increasing warehouse efficiency:
 Improving order fulfillment, increasing accuracy, and reducing order cycle time by
Improving inventory management Systems.
 Improve real-time performance insights on building, inventory, automation, and
members to optimize both labor and machine resources.


The best feature of this Manhattan WMS Corporate Training is that it uses advanced algorithms to mathematically organize and optimize operations to fasten the flow of goods and information to make it possible for flawless execution across inventory, labor, and space, and places Companies on a firm footing for compliance with regulations and standards. Manhattan WMS is used by Industries like Retail, Wholesale, Information and Technology, Wholesale, Package/Freight Delivery, Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, Hospital/Healthcare, Restaurants, Apparel/Fashion, Computer Software Etc. Companies having more than 10,000 employees and revenue of more than 1000 million dollars often use Manhattan Software.

Features of Manhattan WMS:
o Support for enhancing the performance of the warehouse including value-added services,serial number tracking, product management, and product remember.
o Improving order fulfillment strategies that leverage simultaneous wave approach.
o Capture automatic information via mobile devices, voice recognition, etc.
o Increasing quality audit and vendor performance by inventory cross docking method.
The Manhattan WMS course will guide you, on how to make your warehouse smarter to increase
efficiency and maximize your workforce whether you run your warehouse operation on-premises or in the cloud.


30-35 hrs

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