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Proexcellency Provides Manhattan Active Labor Management System online training to help those who want to pursue a career in Manhattan LMS. The role of workers is very important in today's era. The functioning of the entire company depends on these people, so getting them to work in the right way is a challenging task. Therefore, the role of the Manhattan Active Labor Management System is very important. Manhattan Active Labor Management is an AI-enabled workforce optimization software focused on improving employee productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction through gamification, incentives, and better task planning.

Key Features:
Data-Driven Gamification - Uses gamification based on research into self-determination theory to engage the workforce with metrics important to them.
2. Real-Time Communication - Provides automated, timely feedback to employees on their performance.
3. Rewards Programs - Unifies daily tasks with performance recognition, challenges, feedback, and rewards.

4. Workforce Planning Integration - Allows modeling labor scenarios, monitoring schedules/time off, and overseeing performance metrics.
5. Mobile Employee Dashboard - Lets associates see their performance details and progress towards goals.
6. Gamified Challenges - Delivers coaching and rewards for accomplishing/exceeding goals.

7. Flexible Incentives - Ability to customize incentive programs for pay-for-performance, recognition, and rewards.
8. Data-Based Goal Setting - Plan goals while measuring current productivity metrics.
9. Labor Monitoring/Reporting - Real-time performance tracking against standards with reporting.
10. Time Tracking - End-to-end tracking of clock-ins/outs, tardiness, and absences.

11. Pay for Performance - Calculate additional pay based on associate productivity.

The system is part of the broader cloud-native Manhattan Active platform with containerized microservices, automated scalability, continuous updates every 90 days, and flexible configuration options.

The main objective of this software is to engage employees in the right way, motivate employees to engage with their work skills and increase productivity and job satisfaction through gamification techniques and data-driven workforce optimization.


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