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Kofax Capture Online Training

Kofax Capture is a robust document capture platform that productively, consistently, and securely processes different types of documents and information from virtually any source and location. Kofax Capture advance business processes by collecting documents, transforming them into precise, actionable information, and transferring them into your line of business applications, workflows, repositories, and databases.
Kofax Capture can enable you to capture information quickly, accurately, and securely
whether it is on paper or in electronic files, collected at a central office or disperse on
desktops and remote offices throughout the world.

* Process documents and data consistently every time: Kofax Capture combines your
organization’s critical business rules for information processing into the capture
process, making sure that each document is processed correctly, and automatically
imported into the right system of record, without further human intervention.
* Process documents from any channel: The receipt of a document is the initiation of a
process or transaction. Kofax Capture provide document submitters to easily capture
this content how when and where it is most convenient for them.
* Scalability to match the growth of your organization: Kofax Capture is an enterprise-
ready, modular application that can be utilized right out of the box to meet the
capture needs of a specific department, and expanded to meet the complex needs of
a distributed, lean, high-volume, mission- critical enterprise.
* Integrate with your critical business systems: Kofax Capture offers efficient and
automatic data export to a wide range of ECM, ERP, BPM, and workflow solutions.
* Upgrade with cognitive document automation to maximize productivity and lessen
cost: Kofax Capture is a highly scalable platform with different system upgrades,
containing cognitive document automation with Kofax Transformation.
* Take control of your operations with meaningful information and insight: Combined
with analytics, Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation clients can clearly see how,
when and where operations are most and less efficient down to the system user,
document, and index field.

No prior knowledge required. Basic knowledge on JavaScript is sufficient for attending this training.

Salary package:
The average Kofax salary ranges from approximately ₹8,07,060 per year for a Software
Engineer to ₹12,58,565 per year for a Senior Software Engineer.


30-35 hrs

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