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Jira PLM online training

Jira is primarily project management software, but it was born in 2002 as an issue tracking
platform for software developers. It is currently offered in three separate packages.
 Jira Core: Basic Jira project management platform.
 Jira Software: It offers all the features of Jira Core, but also includes additional agile
 Jira Service Desk: Intended for IT professionals or other types of service desks. In this
guide, Jira Service Desk is ignored as it is not related to project management.

Uses of Jira:
The platform leverages all types of project management skills, including software
development, agile project management, bug tracking, scrum management, content
management, marketing, professional services management, and more.

Features for all Jira users:
 Project roadmap: This is one of Jira's most important features for software and
product development teams. A project roadmap helps you create a clear vision of
the product you are building, including timelines, directions, lists of tasks to
complete, short-term and long-term goals.
 Detailed report: Jira offers great reporting capabilities that are detailed yet easy to
understand and use. Jira's default reporting system covers everything you would
expect from a project management platform.
 Time tracking: Understanding time spent on tasks and issues is critical for managers
to plan for future sprints of the project lifecycle. Jira offers time tracking covering
several different parameters and views.
 Mobile App:This is a feature that I feel is sorely overlooked by software users of all
kinds, but the Jira mobile app is very useful for project managers who are always on
the go and don't have time to spend hours in front of their desktops.

Jira lifecycle:
 Create a problem for moving the conference room AV equipment.

 Added images of the old and new sites.
 Add inventory inventory (before and after movement), packing and unpacking
 Once work has started, move the issue to pending.
 Complete all subtasks, including the subtask to adjust the assets at the new location.
Move the issue to completion.


30-35 hrs

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