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JDA/Blueyonder Dispatcher Online Training

Course Content

System Architecture
System Configurations
Navigating around JDA Dispatcher WMS
Function Access Control
Global function access
System Options
System Profile
Jobs and Schedulers
Purging and Purge setup Configuration
Language Maintenance,Language Control
User Defined Visibility,User Defined Field Data
Controlling Access,User Group
User Administration
Workstation Setup
Workstation administration
Address Maintenance
SKU maintainence and Family Groups
Loactions and Grid Setup
Grid Customer Linking and Setup
Web Screen Editor
Important Tables and Views
Jobs and Reports
Daemons and Configurations
Advance Report Configuration
Interface Formats and mapping
Interface Data and Tables
Merge Rules and Merge Programs
Pre Advice Maintenance Config
Order Maintenance and Config
Allocation and Algorithms
Picking and Algorithm
Inbound Process and Types
Inventory Management
Outbound Process and Types
Move task configuration
RDT screen and configurations
File procesing and extraction
Run Task and Logging


30-35 hrs

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