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Jaspersoft Online Training

Jaspersoft software is the most flexible, customizable, and developer-friendly BI platform in the world. Design, embed, and control reports & analytics with programmatic control. Jaspersoft is Business Intelligence Software which is utilized to create reports like any other BI tool. Jaspersoft software allowed us to present information in a modular, scalable fashion. No matter what question was being asked, we wanted to have the application answer that question the way the customer wants, not the way the technology defines it.
Benefits of Jaspersoft:
Truly built for embedding
Embedded BI is more than adding a dashboard to a webpage. Embedding needs both
front- and back-end integration. Jaspersoft software takes an API-first approach,
giving developers a straight way to all its functionality.
 Unrivalled flexibility
Built on an open-source foundation, Jaspersoft software is data and architecture
agnostic. Connect to data anywhere and deploy to any on-premises, cloud, or hybrid
topology, or even to containerized and microservices-based architectures.
Design perfection
Design is a big deal when you are competing in the age of user experience and
technology consumerization. To meet user demands, Jaspersoft software offers a
pixel-perfect design environment for developing reports and visualizations to exact
Self-service reporting
There is a good chance you do not want to be responsible for creating every report
and dashboard for customers and co-workers. Jaspersoft software allows you to
easily create a self-service reporting environment where users can create their own.
Jaspersoft online training provides you with an in-depth understanding to work with the
Jaspersoft Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

No prior knowledge required but if you have basic knowledge of Java Programming and
Spring Framework can be added as an advantage.

The highest salary of Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Developer in India is approximately equal to ₹ 21 lakhs.
Jaspersoft training course aims to deliver quality training that covers solid fundamental
knowledge on core concepts with a practical approach.


30-35 hrs

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