Informatica MDM is the data management solution that is utilized for looking after business data easier and safer with a few methods. Its primary aim is to work as a single point that makes vital business decisions. Data cleansing is the first and foremost step that is followed by transformation and integration later. Informatica MDM also focuses on repairing data. Therefore, the primary and most important focus of Informatica MDM is to secure business data from all kinds of risks while it is in an endangered state of transforming and changing from one software to the other.

 Some key features of MDM are listed below, such as:

  1.  It provides a modular design.
  2.  It supports a 360-degree view between the customers, products, suppliers, and other entities relationships.
  3.  It supports third-party data integration.
  4.  It gives 360 solutions and prebuilt data models and accelerators.
  5.  It has High scalability.
  6.  It provides an intelligent search.
  7.  It supports intelligent matches and merges property.
  8.  It has intelligent security.


 No prior requirements but basic knowledge of relational databases and database modelling and knowledge on basics of Java is an advantage.

The participant should be familiar with ETL, SQL, and Data warehousing concepts.

 Salary package:

1. Informatica MDM Developer salary in India ranges between ₹ 4.4 Lakhs to ₹ 21.8 Lakhs.

 2.An average salary of Informatica MDM Developer is approximately ₹ 8.4 Lakhs.

3.Informatica MDM Developer salary in India with less than 2 years of experience to 10 years ranges from ₹ 4.4 Lakhs to ₹ 21.8 Lakhs.


 There is a huge scope of making it big in the current technology industry with the help of MDM professional knowledge and skills. With the rapid growth of tech organizations, the demand for certified MDM professionals has also been increasing with each passing day across the globe. Technology has achieved, and MDM professionals are working relentlessly to make the organization’s data status better in the industry. The utmost importance of professionals in this field is increasing rapidly as a result of the same. If you are aspiring to start your career in this field, the first step that needs to be followed is to enroll in a certified MDM training program that will eventually give you good exposure and work experience that you will need to start. Deep knowledge of the Informatica MDM tool along with master data management Informatica is essential in this regard.

Course Content
Introduction To MDM
What is MDM
Why do we need MDM
Multidomain MDM
MDM Hype & Job Trend In Market
A walk through on Course Content

What is Informatica MDM
Scope Of Informatica MDM
Component of Informatica MDM
Tool Walkthrough

Infrastructure overview
Supported Systems (Windows/Linux etc)
Supported DB
Integration With Other Tool

Overall Architect
Components of MDM Hub
Application Server Tier
DB Server Tier
Batch Data Process Flow
Trust Framework
Consolidation Flag

Data Model & Lookup
Data Model
Relationship Types

Stage Process
IDQ Staging
Cleasne Functions
Delta Detection & Audit Table
Data Reject Scenario
Testing of Mapping

Load Process
Trust & Validation Rule
BO, Cross Reference & History Table
NULL Updates
Cell Level Update
Detailed Load Process

Match & Merge
In Details walkthrough on M&M
Match Path, Match Key, Match Columns, Match Rule, Match Rule Set
Segment Match, Null Match Null
Immutable & Distinct Source System
Merge Setup

Batch Process
Batch Viewer
Batch Group

Data Access

Security Access Manager
Resources & Roles

Log Files
Environment Report
Hub Server, Cleanse server logs
Application Server Log

Hierarchy Manager
Entity & Entity Typr
HM Relationship
HM Hierarchy
HM packages
HM Profile

Provisoning Tool
Business Entity & Views
UI Appplication Setup
Layout Design
Task & Trigger

Wlakthrough on e360 UI
e360 Query Setup
Create & Update & Delete Process
Bulk Load/File Import
e360 Match & Merge Process
Overview on Approval Process

Other Topics
Overview on User exit setup
Integrating User Exit & MDM Hub
SIF call

Interview Preparation


30-35 hrs

Shipping & Returns


Care Instructions

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