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Infor Supply Chain Management delivers complete solutions to its users that offer real-time orchestration by connecting businesses to their associate and digitally transforming planning to delivery processes. Users can obtain real-time visibility and make data-based decisions through strong connections with trading partners and devices. It achieves intelligence-driven processes by integrating rich data with prescriptive and predictive insights from Infor Coleman AI.

Key Features:
 Integrated Business Planning: Streamline trade-off analysis, enhance decision making
and market response with utilization of a shared platform, common KPIs and
planning data repositories.
Demand Management: Predict and fulfill demand on the basis of real-time market
data using machine learning and AI.
Supply Planning: Clarify tactical, strategic, and operational planning processes
through configurable supply planning solutions.
Warehouse Management: Warehouse fulfillment is combined with 3D visual analysis
and embedded labor management to support enhanced operational execution and
reduce complexity.
Production Scheduling: Constraint-based production scheduling can optimize
resources, minimize downtime, and maximize capacity.
Transportation Management: Orchestrate multi-leg, multi-mode transportation
across various parties through Infor Nexus transportation management.

Manage Supply: Accelerate the warehouse receiving process and ship directly from
source to customer.
Increase Visibility: Ensure regular inventory availability and improve order accuracy
and ETAs with supply chain visibility.
Improve Costs and Collaboration: Global payment and chargeback management can
improve performance and supplier relationships.
Control center: Perform customer-centric and proactive operations by layering in-
context intelligence with predictive insights.

This is an industry-specific tool that every business needs where supply is concerned. With informed decisions, there is limited chance of making mistakes. In other words, you could plan and execute your supply chain strategies effectively, even without professional help with the use of Infor SCM.


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