Infor Birst Online Training

Infor Birst online Training is a cloud business intelligence and analytics platform that helps organisations optimise processes in less time than traditional BI. learn with your suitable time zone.

What is Infor birst?

Infor Birst provide business intelligence and analytics easy to consume with pre-built industry and role-specific content and metrics embedded wherever business users need support and Improve decision-making skills with Birst online training @proexcellency.

What is Infor industry analytics?
Infor industry analytics deliver compatible and useful insights for everybody from the boardroom to the shop floor. Infor Birst makes business intelligence and analytics easy to consume with pre-built industry and role-specific content and metrics embedded wherever business users need information with assist. Improve decision-making with Birst @proexcellency.

What types of solutions offered by Infor?
Infor solutions range from full-time organizational change management and end-user Learning resources, to packaged offerings. Infor Design to support organisations of all sizes with the exact vision and offering to ensure that innovation and transformation can thrive before, during, and after a specific initiative.

Why is training so important for Infor users?

Training is critical for realizing the full value of an Infor investment and achieve unparalleled business benefits. Learning solutions are available for every stage of the product lifecycle with Infor, including new implementation, upgrading, or further application advancement.

Benefits of Infor Birst Training:

- Easily connect live data or extract data from any source
- Unify data from multiple source systems including big data
- Utilize patented automated building of business-ready datastore
- Leverage an integrated data lake and API gateway
- Utilize common and reusable business rules and definitions
- Blend centralized and decentralized data and analytic content
- Provide users with analytic sandboxes with self-service data prep

Why choose Infor as your cloud BI platform?

the Birst’s modern native cloud BI platform is Infor's modern data architecture. Focused on supporting any user to take their analysis in any direction, this flexible and business-centric approach to managing data is secure, scalable, and adaptable to changing business needs, while AI-powered automation reduces many manual tasks process.

why Infor Birst training with proexcellency?

is a technical hands-on realtime training that offers a marvellous opportunity for candidates to collaborate and learn directly from Infor product with industry experts who have more then 8 to 10 years experience


The infor birst  training is always interactive with trainer to clarify all the doubts of candidates  straight away in daily sessions.  Post training doubt clearing sessions arranged for candidates.


  • Customize Infor ERP Course Content as per Individual’s project requirement.
  • Our Individual one to one  Infor brist Training program will help employees to begin working on the project from commencement after the Infor BRIST training completion.

  • Industry-Specific Subject Matter Experts to provide corporate level Infor ERP online training to individuals.

  • Flexibility to choose a schedule for the individual’s to take Infor ERP online training courses.

  • Get the Flexibility to learn at your own pace. A Crash course option is also available for the Infor ERP course.

  • Flexibility to select a trainer and have a live video session with the trainer before Infor ERP training actually starts.

  • Proexcellency will provide Infor ERP Course Completion Certificate to the participants who are recognized by the industry. It will add value to the corporate workforce.

  • Proexcellency will help the participants understand the Infor ERP certification training exam process.

  • Proexcellency will provide a step-by-step progress assessment of yours.




1              Connections/Connectors

                 in this Connectivity Framework Birst provides a framework that enables companies to configure scalable access to thousands of sources with minimal effort.  Birst also offers an extensive library of pre-built connectors to hundreds of popular systems based on technologies such as JDBC, ODBC, REST, JSON, MDX, and  much more.

2              Modeler

2.1          Connect

2.2          Prepare

2.3          Relate


3              Birst Sources

3.1          Raw Sources

3.2          Scripted Sources


4              Hierarchies

5              Grains

6              Delete Key

7              Processing Data


8              Visualizer

8.1          Charts

8.2          BQL

8.3          Conditional Formatting

8.4          Report Formatting


9              Dashboards

9.1          KPIs

9.2          Drill Across

9.3          Drill Through

9.4          Filters

9.5          Prompts

9.6          Data Driven Conditions


10           Birst Admin

10.1        Space Access/Space Membership

10.2        Space Groups

10.3        Custom Attributes

10.4        Custom Measures

10.5        Variables

10.6        Custom Subject Area

10.7        Report Catalog


11           Security

11.1        Report Security

11.2        Data Security

11.3        Functional Security


30-35 hrs

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Kalpesh Mutha
Infor Birst Online training

I recently completed Infor Birst BI training. I must say that the trainer was very good and knowledgeable, it was really valuable training for the subject not commonly trained. On the job trainers are really valuable for practical understanding. Thank you Proexcellency team for proactive management of all the technical issues of online training.