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IBM Web Content Manager Online Training

IBM Web Content Manager offers powerful web experience management capabilities that enables to accelerate the creation, maintenance, and delivery of critical business content across intranet, extranet, Internet, and portal sites. IBM Web Content Manager adds new features and enhancements to enable organizations create and deliver engaging web experiences faster along with help measure, manage, and optimize the
users; experiences in support of business objectives. With IBM Web Content Manager, business users become more effective web content authors, owners, and managers without the need for IT involvement.

You can:
  • Leverage the expanded Content Template Catalog so that engaging microsites and web pages can be created in minutes.
  •  Utilizing embedded Analytics Overlays so that content managers gain immediate insight into web content usefulness from within the target web page.
  •  Engage the Managed Pages capability that enables content owners and managers to easily create, manage, and syndicate content with a few clicks.

IBM Web Content Manager features:
Content Template Catalog: Expanded set of prebuilt, high-value content types enables users to create new microsites and web pages in minutes.
Managed Pages: A new, contextually aware toolbar and enhanced project management
feature makes it simpler to create, approve, version, publish and associate web content.
Analytics overlays: In-context analytic overlays offers users with the real-time insight needed to improve conversion rates.
 Home page:  new authoring start page offers a customizable and user-friendly view of
frequent activities and tasks.
Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) integration: new support for CMIS standard provides content authors to leverage documents and files from CMIS repositories directly from the authoring experience.

Key capabilities and benefits:

Create: Slash time-to-market and reduce cost by streamlining your content, improving
usability for your non-technical users, achieving interoperability with existing or new
content, and adapting your content to suit a multilingual and multicultural world.
 Target: Grow revenue and increase market size with targeted and effective multichannel content delivery, increased brand awareness, designing and implementing campaigns to respond to your valued customers, and gaining flexibility by targeting multiple devices.
Optimize: Fine tune the customer experience by analyzing users' interactions, helping to improve conversion rates and user engagement; intelligently manage sites, campaigns, and offers by tracking which investments may be the most profitable and successful.


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