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IBM Sterling OMS Online Training

IBM Sterling Order Management System (OMS) allows you to deliver a consistent order
management experience over all channels. Along with Sterling Order Management, you can improve cross-channel efficiencies, enhance, and streamline complex product order
management and fulfilment operations. IBM Sterling Order Management grants business user tools and e-commerce functions for faster and easier store along with site management and multichannel fulfilment. These tools enable you to accelerate your time to market and assist drive revenue growth. Sterling Order Management makes it possible for you to eliminate barriers to global inventory visibility and offer your customers omnichannel fulfilment options. These options allow your customers to buy anywhere, pick up anywhere, and return anywhere. Sterling Order Management provides a single view into all orders and inventory to improve inventory usage and provide accurate order promise dates. This capability enables true omnichannel services for B2C and B2B businesses. With Sterling Order Management, your users can complete the following order and fulfilment tasks:
  •  Manage orders across any, and all channels.
  •  Use inventory and service capacity details to schedule delivery and installations.
  •  Create and track purchase orders for linked purchase to order items.
  •  Use pro-active monitoring and exception management to raise alerts when something needs attention.
o Customer onboarding processes.
o Rapid environment provisioning and deployment processes.
o Maintenance updates
o Backup and disaster recovery services.
o Scalability support for unexpected burst capacity to deliver optimal performance
during peak times.
o Infrastructure and performance built on established technology for B2C and B2B
o Always-available IBM SaaS support of infrastructure, operating systems, application
servers, database, and software.

o Order management and global inventory visibility to give customers what they want,
where, and when they want it.

Benefits of IBM Sterling Order Management:
Enhance the customer experience: Keep customer promises with flawless order
fulfilment execution across every channel.
Expand inventory productivity: Meet peak-period requirement and avoid
overpromising, losing sales or incurring sudden charges.
Leverage omnichannel capabilities: Empower customers to engage when and in any
way, they want, with capabilities such as curb side pickup, BOPIS, SFS, client ling,
drop shipping, and endless aisle.
Improve operational margin: Simplify safety and dead stock with a focus on carrying
costs. Automate processes, boost inventory turns and reduces shipping expenses
with ship-to-store options.
Harness advanced intelligence: Uses AI-powered insights to scale operations and
maximize profitability.
 Accelerate transformation: Simplify technology complexity with active
implementation to fast-track client experiences.


30-35 hrs

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