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IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Online Training

Course Content

Why do EDI?

EDI origin and history

Difference between X12, EDIFACT and XML

Basic components and technology needed to perform EDI

Communications software, VAN's and interconnects

How EDI transactions are transmitted, received, translated/processed and tracked between trading partners

Understanding standards manuals

Understanding EDI trading partner implementation guides

What is EDI data mapping?


Intermediate Data Mapping Curriculum

File definitions

Application data types (fixed length, delimited, named records, etc.)

Application data vs. EDI data

Map Editor and Mapping

Data conversion


Conditional / logical expressions

Common mapping hurdles

Troubleshooting and debugging techniques

Inbound 850 Map

Administering Maps

Outbound 810 Map

Mapping Best Practices

What is Business Process?

Discuss Business Process Modeling

Understand how to create a business process using the Graphical Process Modeler


Intermediate BP Curriculum

Inbound Business Processes

Viewing Business Process Result

Outbound Business Processes

What is Sterling B2B Integrator?

How to set up a trading partner


EDI Best Practices Class Curriculum:

Getting started

Business rules/Process flow

Communications protocols  - difference among and benefits of various protocols

Mapping best practices

Object Version Management



Intermediate SI Curriculum

Discuss the basics of Sterling B2B Integrator

Be Familiar with Sterling B2B Integrator User Interfaces

Explain the Components of Sterling B2B Integrator

Understand how to install the Graphical Process Modeler

Understand how to execute and track a Business Process

Explain how Sterling B2B Integrator uses BPML and XPath

Understand how to Configure Services

Understand how to Install the Map Editor

Introduction to Property Files

Understanding data processing flows

Reporting tools (ex. FA report)

Logs and error reports





30-35 hrs

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