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IBM Netezza Online Training

IBM Netezza is a powerful and highly parallelized Data Warehousing system that is easy to administer and to maintain. This system is an appliance that is purpose-built for data
warehousing. The system is commonly known as data warehouse appliance that is
developed specifically for running complex data warehousing workloads. The concept of an appliance is realized by integrating the database, server, and the storage into an easy to deploy and manage system. IBM Netezza decreases this bottleneck by utilizing a commodity FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) by pushing the SQL closer to silicon to enable improve IO performance. This core component of the appliance is known as the Database Accelerator.

Microservices that run anywhere: Microservices can run on the cloud or hardware of your choice, including clouds from other providers. You can also easily run a hybrid cloud environment if you need different infrastructures for different data.
A robust and flexible information architecture: Data within IBM Cloud Pak for Data is pre-governed to help with data accuracy, organization, high availability, and resiliency. Failure of a processing node or any element in the system causes no significant performance degradation.
Unified data: A unified platform makes all your data available for analysis and AI, solving more business problems while saving costs that would have gone towards data migration.
High-performance Netezza with 5 key characteristics:
Smarts: In-database analytic tools and functions enable data mining, statistics, predictions, transformations, geospatial analytics, and data preparation.
Scalability: Hyper-converged option combines storage, compute, networking, and software to reduce complexity and increase scalability in a single system.
Simplicity: Fully integrated system does not require indexes to be defined and optimized, or storage to be manually administered. One GUI access point helps you monitor system resources, administer database objects, configure workload management and view active sessions.
Speed: The unique asymmetric massively parallel processing architecture (AMPP) and
patented hybrid columnar acceleration assists crunches through massive amounts of
data quickly.
 Savings: Netezza Performance Server requires minimal ongoing maintenance, which in turn cuts down internal resources and implementation for a low TCO.


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