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IBM i2iBase Online Training

IBM i2 iBase is an intuitive intelligence data management application that enables collaborative teams of analysts to capture, control, and analyze data from multiple sources in security-rich workgroup environments. i2 iBase addresses the analyst's daily challenge of discovering and uncovering networks, patterns, and trends in the increasing volumes of complex structured and unstructured data, providing a multi-user data-sharing environment that combines rich analysis and visualization capabilities together with intelligence dissemination tools. IBM i2 iBase offers a powerful workgroup solution for configuring, capturing, controlling, analyzing, and displaying compound information and relationships in link and entity data. i2 iBase is both a database application and a modelling and analysis tool.

  Features of IBM i2 iBase:

  •  Flexible data acquisition and management: -This application can quickly map and transform that information for further visualization and analysis.
  •  Automated and task driven analysis: -It can discover hidden connections faster and help analysts deliver timely and actionable results.
  •  Search 360: -It can comprehensively search intelligence stored in records, charts and documents through a straightforward internet style search bar.
  •  Import and export: -It can access and maximize the value of all available data, including external and internal sources, like existing i2 Analyst’s Notebook charts.

 IBM i2 iBase online training covers concepts from Basic level to advance level. 


  1. Understanding the fundamentals and working knowledge of Windows environment, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office, and Web browsers.
  2. Have successfully finished the Analyst's Notebook Training Level 1 and/or using Analyst's Notebook regularly and understand its fundamental and concepts.

 The IBM i2 iBase User Training objectives:

  • Understanding iBase tools and functions.
  • Understand the functions associated with queries and search function.
  • Understanding visualize data in iBase and Analyst’s Notebook.
  • Learning how to utilize iBase analytics from Analyst’s Notebook.
  • Foundation of information dissemination.

 IBM i2 iBase online training will train you how to search and browse the database.


30-35 hrs

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