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IBM Curam Online Training


IBM CURAM Social Program Management supports the end-to-end social program service delivery process. Using IBM CURAM Social Program Management, organizations can collaborate around citizen's needs. This collaboration makes governmental services more effective in achieving their social goals, and it also makes access to services easier for citizens. IBM CURAM offers products that SPM agencies need to provide government-funded social, health, and other services to citizens. The course provides a high-level summary of the IBM CURAM SPM Platform and the IBM CURAM Application Modules.

IBM CURAM application modules provide the foundation of repeatable common business processes, regardless of program. IBM CURAM application modules meet the requirements of a single program or multiple programs in a configurable and reusable package.

IBM CURAM application modules are:

  1.  Curam Appeals :Appeals is an automated solution that provides comprehensive support for the appeals and fair hearings process.
  2.  Curam Archiving :IBM Curam Archiving works with the IBM InfoSphere® Optim™ archiving tool to provide a set of Curam templates for the archival of business and technical objects including tables and relationships, and selection criteria to identify all records that should be moved into an archiving environment.
  3.  Curam Business Intelligence and Analytics :Curam Business Intelligence and Analytics is a decision support solution that helps social program organizations analyze the effectiveness of their programs and gain insight into the efficiency of their operations. 
  4.  Curam Evidence Broker : Curam Evidence Broker mediates the sharing of evidence across cases, acting as both a receiver and a broadcaster of evidence.
  5.  Curam Identity Intelligence : IBM Curam Identity Intelligence empowers caseworkers to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in social programs, by providing them with new information that helps them when making eligibility decisions on application cases.
  6.  Curam Income Support :Curam Income Support provides complete eligibility determination and benefit calculation for social programs that provide food, cash and medical assistance to families in need.
  7. Course Content

Runtime and architectural overview of Curam

 Elements of the Curam ADE

 Modeling Curam class types and relationships using RSA

 Developing web client applications using User Interface Metadata

 Exception Handling in Curam

 Modeled and server validation

 Implementing Code Tables

 Using the Data Manager

 Implementing client navigation features

 Basic troubleshooting using trace and debugging tools

 Data access using stereotyped methods and handcrafted SQL

 Complex data types and widgets

 Interpreting the Enterprise Reference Model and processing class architecture

 Accessing and interpreting product documentation

 Customizing client artifacts compliantly

 Customizing server artifacts compliantly

 Customizing handcrafted classes

 Impact analysis and customization exercises


30-35 hrs

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