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IBM APM Online Training

IBM Application performance management (APM) software enables an organization to ensure that its critical applications meet established expectations for performance, availability and customer or end-user experience. Increasingly, application performance management solutions are evolving from relying on traditional application performance monitoring tools to incorporating observability, a performance data collection and analysis technology best suited to the complexity of modern, distributed cloud-native applications.

How APM works:
Digital experience monitoring: Digital experience monitoring usually supports real-
user monitoring, which monitors the experience of an actual user on the system, and
synthetic monitoring, for testing performance in production and non-production
Application monitoring: It consist of monitoring of the complete application stack -
application framework, operating system, database, APIs, middleware, web
application server, UI – along with IT infrastructure monitoring that samples factors
such as CPU utilization, disk space, and network performance.
Database monitoring samples performance of SQL queries or procedures,
Additionally, to the dataset monitoring offered by application monitoring agents.
 Availability monitoring: It monitors the actual availability of application and
hardware components (because applications can produce performance data even
when they are not accessible to the end user).

The future of APM:
 Nowadays, APM tools are leveraging observability and AI in varying degrees. Some
are integrating traditional application performance monitoring with AI to automate
discovery of changing transaction paths and application dependencies.

Others are integrating observability with AI to automatically determine performance
baselines, and to sift signals, or actionable insights, from the of IT operations
management (ITOM) data.

 The future of APM and IT operations is to integrate observability with artificial
intelligence for IT operations, or AIOps, to generate self-healing, self-optimizing


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