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IBM Agent Builder Online Training

The IBM Agent Builder tool offers a graphical user interface enables you to create, modify, debug, and package agents for monitoring data sources in IBM Cloud Application Performance Management.

Following are the features of Agent Builder:
Define and modify agents: You can create and modify agents. The agents collect and analyze data about the state and performance of different resources, such as disks, memory, processor, or applications, and provide this data to the monitoring environment.

 Test and prepare agents for deployment: You can test an agent within Agent Builder, collecting data on the host where Agent Builder runs (in some cases you can collect information from a different host too). You can package the agent for easy distribution and deployment.

The additional features that are available for Tivoli Monitoring:
Custom workspaces, situations, and Act commands: You can use Agent Builder to package additional workspaces, situations, and Take Action commands as application support extensions with a new or existing agent running in the Tivoli Monitoring environment

Report data models: You can use Agent Builder to generate a Cognos® data model which you can use to build Tivoli Common Reporting reports. These reports can be packaged as part of your agent image.

Before taking this course, you should have the following skills:
Basic understanding of Windows data sources, including WMI, Perfmon, Windows
logs, Windows services, and Windows processes
Basic understanding of multiplatform data sources, such as SNMP, JMX, processes,
scripts, commands, and log files

Uses of Agent Builder:
Create new IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management custom agents.
Reconfigure existing custom agents that were created in IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring or IBM Tivoli Monitoring and connect them to the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management.


30-35 hrs

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