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ePROMIS HCM online training

ePROMIS HCM Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-based human capital management solution
that provides everything you need to manage people and processes. Our Her HCM Cloud
allows you to manage your company's most important asset: your people. From workforce
management to workforce planning, ePROMIS HCM Cloud provides the functionality you
need to make the most of your human capital.
ePROMIS HCM Cloud provides a complete set of tools to help you attract, develop and
retain top talent. With HCM Cloud, you can quickly identify high performers, plan
succession, process payroll, and create customized development plans. You can also create
compensation plans that align with your business goals and easily manage your global

Features of HCM:
 Core HR Management: Manage workforce diversity and align HR objectives with
strategic objectives. Increase employee satisfaction and seamlessly manage HR core
activities with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud.
 Talent Management: A structured recruitment and onboarding process ensures your
company benefits from the best talent in the market. Accurately define job
descriptions, improve recruitment processes, and ensure a balanced talent pool.
 Payroll: Handle all payroll-related activities to ensure your employees are paid on
time. Manage compliance and regulatory issues to avoid penalties and ensure
payments are processed correctly by banks and other law enforcement agencies.
 Employee self-service: Hold employees accountable for their tasks, documentation
and records. Enable employees to complete important tasks such as refunds,
updating personal profile information, and accessing payroll information from the
self-service her window.
 Document management: Systematically maintain personnel records for quick access
and increased productivity. Reduce the clutter of paper records by transforming
documents into digital format using ePROMIS HCM Cloud.


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