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Epicor iScala online training

Epicor iScala, is an affordable, yet all-inclusive end-to-end suite of proven business solutions
for small to midmarket enterprises, operating locally and globally. Due to its simple
replication, it is also valuable for the largest global enterprises that need a fully integrated
multi-premises ERP solution. Epicor iScala consist of Financials Core and Operations Core
and features optional.
Epicor iScala is a business solution developed for the worldwide divisions and subsidiaries of
multinational corporations and large local or regional companies that may have significant
cross-border trading needs. The software contains integrated Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP), supply chain, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), field service, project
management, payroll, and other capabilities, all built on a collaborative business Microsoft
.NET and Web services-based framework.

Epicor iScala offers the benefits of:
 Flexible functionality for your organization.
 Being easy to implement, extend and operate.
 Being built for today’s mobile workforce.
 Simplifying Regulatory Compliance and Governance.

Why Epicor iScala:
Epicor iScala is an affordable yet comprehensive ERP solution that enables SMBs compete in
their market whether operating locally or globally. It helps real-time collaboration not only
internally, but also between companies and their trading partners.
iScala is an award-winning, flexible solution that can be readily adapted to meet the unique
requirements of companies across a wide range of verticals along with hospitality, industrial
machinery, pharmaceutical, automotive components, light engineering, electronics,
consumer packaged goods, and much more.


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