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Epicor GRC online training

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system of integrated business operations covering
broad functional end- to- end processes that include finance, HR, manufacturing,
distribution, service, and force chain. Governance, Risk, and compliance (GRC) is an
association's strategy to manage governance, enterprise threat operation, and compliance
with applicable regulations. Governance, threat, and compliance is a structured approach to
align IT with business objects, while effectively managing threat and meeting compliance
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system security and Governance, Risk, and Compliance
(GRC) are critical to an effective enterprise security program. An effective GRC strategy
delivers multitudinous benefits enhanced decision- timber, optimized IT investments,
elimination of silos, and reduced fragmentation among divisions and departments.

GRC has three main components:
 Governance: Support business Pretensions by icing that organizational conditioning, like
managing IT operations, are aligned and well- maintained.
 Risk: support business objects by icing any threat or occasion in organizational
conditioning is honored and addressed. This includes having a comprehensive IT threat
operation process that rolls into an association's enterprise threat operation function.
 Compliance: Making sure that organizational conditioning operate to meet the laws and
regulations impacting those systems. In an IT environment, this means making sure that
IT systems, and the data contained in those systems, are used and appropriately

Benefits of Epicor GRC:

 Trust and Accuracy: Stakeholders can trust that fiscal statements, attestation of deals
and reporting are accurate and complete.
 Protected Assets: Secure your data with part- grounded access, strong encryption, and
robust word programs and further.
 Reduce the risk of Fraud: nonstop monitoring of crucial fiscal controls through saved
quests, cautions and emails, robust reporting and part- grounded dashboards descry
potentially fraudulent exertion.

 Facilitating Audits: The capability to fluently cover and validate controls in NetSuite and
corroborate that controls are working as intended — supports the integrity of fiscal


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