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Domo Online Training

Enhance your career with Domo Online training, Domo is the Business Cloud is a low-code data application. It is a mobile, cloud-based, social, community-driven business intelligence platform with the power to transform the way you manage your business. Domo can enable you view data in one place, democratize across your organization, socialize important goals, and create accountability.

Features of Domo:
 It can easily join to any data source to bring your data together into one united view,
then make investigative available to drive insight-based actions all while maintaining
security and control.

 It increases your existing data warehouse and BI tools or build custom apps,
computerize data pipelines, and make data science reachable with automated
insights and increased analytics.

 It can bring out your data and investigative content dynamically to customers and
partners, enable them to combine their data with yours, and build customized data
experiences to commercial data.

No prerequisites are required to take this course, and anyone interested can attend this
certification training.

 The lowest-paying job at Domo is a Technical Support Advisor with a salary of
₹12lakhs per year.
 The highest-paying job at Domo is a director with a salary of ₹28lakhs per year.

 Benefit Domo online Training:
 All your data in a single dashboard in real-time or right-time
 Self-service BI to connect to DataSets
 Manage performance

 Access the right information at the right time
 Unlimited drill down through data layers of a metric (or KPI)
 View your strategic metrics graphically
 Monitor, analyze, and manage key activities and processes
 Make better decisions, faster
 Collaborate with all who need to know


30-35 hrs

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