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DataStage online training

DataStage (DS) is an ETL tool that lets you extract data, transform it, apply operational
principles, and then load it onto a specific target. It is part of IBM's Information Platform
Suite and also InfoSphere. DataStage makes use of graphics to build Data Integration
solutions. It can integrate all kinds of data, including big data at rest or in movement, and on
platforms that may be distributed or mainframe in nature.
Datastage generally has different factors that would help us achieve the overall extraction,
transform, and load.
 Administration – Manages the global settings and interacts with systems.
 Designer – Then developer is used to produce Datastage jobs, job sequences which in
turn collected into executable programs. Developer is substantially for the inventors.
 Director – This is used to cover and manage the Datastage jobs. Used by DataStage
support places to cover the jobs and fix job failures.
 Manager– It's used to manage, browse, and edit the data storehouse depository.

Features of DataStage:
 It supports the metamorphosis of large volume data.
 Real time data integration which enables connectivity between data sources and
 Optimize tackle application.
 Supports collection and integration.
 Important, Scalable, Speed, flexible, and effective to make, emplace, update, and
manage your data integration.
 Support big data and Hadoop.


30-35 hrs

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