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CRiSTAL WMS Online Training

CRiSTAL WMS is a highly configurable warehouse management systems (WMS) developed by operationally experienced logisticians It is a warehouse-centric distribution management system that is designed to meet the warehouse operation needs of 3PLs. The platform incorporates stock and product ownership with powerful stock control attributes, 3PL billing, last mile delivery functionality, and transport management module. CRiSTAL WMS runs with Microsoft SQL server as the database and offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of deployment. It is a fully integrated program that features all the functionality needed to effectively run a 3PL warehouse, and it can be deployed in three different modules that is:

Client server-based Apps for desktop

Features of CRiSTAL WMS Online Training:
 Transport management
 Order management
 Stock rotation control
 Product and stock ownership
 Warehouse operation monitor
 Cross-docking
 Vendor managed inventory
 Purchase order management
 Hybrid wave picking
 Bonded and Licensed warehouse operation
 Enhanced warehouse security
 3PL billing module
 Multilanguage

CRiSTAL WMS Benefits:
Powerful 3PL service billing module: The 3PL service billing module is an activity-based feature which is seamlessly combined with CRiSTAL WMS. The module eliminates the re-entry of data required to perform billing thereby reducing data entry and calculation errors.

Flexible deployment: CRiSTAL WMS is a flexible solution that can be deployed on a standalone workstation; single or multiple warehouse facilities; or locally, regionally, or globally. The platform is built to meet the warehousing needs of 3PLs regardless of where they are located or their size.
 Reliable warranty service management module: CRiSTAL WMS enhances warranty management and customer relationship for distributors and manufacturers of equipment and appliances that require warranty support. It allows you to monitor warranty servicing to be applied to any appliance or equipment.

 CRiSTAL WMS works with these users and organization types: Mid-Size Business,
Small Business, Enterprise, Freelance, Non-profit, and Government.
 Warehouse managers and companies looking for a warehouse management
software solution for their inventory and supply chain operations
 Warehouse management tool to automate operations by streamlining distribution
processes, order management, hybrid wave picking & more.

Best For
Designed for small and medium enterprises to streamline warehousing operations through
automated stock rotation control, inventory & transport management, overload rack
monitoring and more.


30-35 hrs

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