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Cloud Sense is a multi-channel configure price quote (CPQ) platform designed for a various industry which consists communications, media, government, data Centre, energy, and logistics. It is scalable, reliable, and secured CPQ platform which enables businesses and their sales teams create accurate quotes, errors in pricing and product selection are decreased. It offers them with visibility and manage of the prices they quote and the products they configure. Cloud Sense Enterprise Configure Price Quote (CPQ) modify quoting accuracy, accelerates sales cycles and slashes pricing and product selection errors. Utilizing Cloud Sense, users will be able to bring new products and services to the market and implement pricing changes faster. Cloud Sense is built to control the demands of the fast-moving, digital-first publishing, advertising, and subscription landscape. Cloud Sense do not place limitations on your ideas and box you in; rather than, our versatile solution gives product, sales, and marketing teams the freedom to regularly innovate, grow revenue and reduce cost.

Features of Cloud Sense:

  • It maximizes your sales productivity and reduces errors through real-time guided selling across complex products and solution orders, drastically reducing manual intervention from other teams.
  • It makes sure compliance by only selling valid products and bundles that can be delivered based on customer eligibility and availability.
  • It delivers valid, personalized, real-time offers and pricing every time, based on CRM customer insight, purchase history, usage data, and entitlements across all channels.
  • It offers your partners the power to complete the CPQ process seamlessly by connecting them directly to your sales and delivery processes.


  1.  The Maximum-paying job at CloudSense is an Automation Test Engineer with a salary of ₹21.2 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹26.1 lakhs per year.
  2.  Lowest salary at cloudsense depends on the role you are applying for. For Senior Associate Consultant the minimum salary is ₹6.8 Lakhs per year, for Test Engineer the minimum salary is ₹8.5 Lakhs per year and so on.
  3.  The average CloudSense salary ranges approximately ₹8.5 Lakhs per year for a Test Engineer to ₹ 21.2 Lakhs per year for a Automation Test Engineer.


 Allows the automation of the configuration, pricing, and quote creation processes.: Cloud Sense CPQ automatically makes sure that the products you select for a quote are related and tailored to the needs of your customer. Additionally, you will be able to see their prices and even set a discretionary price. Once products and prices have been defined, with a few clicks you can produce a PDF with all the details of the quote.

 Helps you streamline the creation of quotes: Once clients get to the stage of negotiation or sale, it is important that the quote is presented to them as early as possible so as not to lose their attention. Only with the correct configuration of this tool can it be guaranteed that the data will be ready immediately you need it and without errors.

 With Cloud Sense CPQ, you will experience an increase in sales by providing accurate and personalized quotes: Depend on your company have gathered all the necessary information, which allows that quote to be as adapted as much as possible to the requirements of the client. CPQ provides you to easily meet the expectations of your consumers, providing them a professional quote free of human errors.

 You will be able to generate contracts and close sales more efficiently: The quote templates, can design the format and define various sections that you can reuse in other contracts, like: the header, the terms and conditions, and the signature section. You can even combine an electronic signature that, by your company, validates the content of the contract in advance.

 Increased productivity of sales rep: With the automation of the quotation process offered by CPQ, the time spent by sales reps in creating contracts is lessened. This offers them to focus more on attracting potential customers. Additionally, the guided sales will show all the most suitable products and services for each customer, which support the opportunities for cross-selling.


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