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Centos Online Training

CentOS online training provide by proexcellency that referred to Community Enterprise Operating System is one of the Linux
Distributions started by Gregory Kurtzer that offers an enterprise-class free and open-sourceOperating System which is also functionally suitable with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL) as well its upstream source.

Advantages of CentOS online training:
 It is fast, lightweight, and reliable.
 CentOS is free and open-source and it is enterprise-grade.
 Along with it, you will also get the open-source server software like Apache Web,
CUPS, MySQL, etc. and version control tools such as git comes installed by default.
 Excellent community that assists with the provision to directly report bugs to the
 Compared to other open-source and free Linux platform, CentOS is broadly
preferred (even over Ubuntu) for its stability and less frequent package updates.

Career growth CentOS training:
 If you are someone looking for future opportunities in the domain of Linux
Administrators then working expertise on CentOS would make you attractive to the
 Aside from this, being a free and open-source project, contributing to such projects
is of great value to you.
 Also, one can look forward to doing enough software developments keeping it as
their underlying platform.
 Being secure with it will also make one comfortable to work with nearly any Linux
distro for that matter.


30-35 hrs

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