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Blue Yonder TMS Online Training

The Blue Yonder (JDA) Transportation Management System (TMS) has the capability to create strategic differentiation and drive benefits in an increasingly compound and demanding supply chain environment. This powerful result produce sustainable value by synchronizing all your critical transportation processes and delivering both optimal cost control and skillful service. 4SIGHT is a trusted Blue Yonder ally with years of experience successfully arrange the Blue Yonder TMS results. Our experts have the industry and best-practice knowledge required to help you benchmark your transportation operations and identify opportunities for advancement, regardless of the size of your processes.

Blue Yonder JDA TMS is the best platform for the transport management industry . Its mainly four basic key processes: planning, transport execution, measurement, and transport follow-up. Blueyonder JDA TMS helps in optimizing plans and streamline suppliers and carrier collaborations.
Proexcellency Design This training is the best online platform for all kinds of Individual training, corporate training and software training. Industry Experts with decades of experience in this field have prepared the course content of Blueyonder JDA WMS Training. These trainers are the experts who teach real-time, One to One ,scenario-based and case study that helps the students learn better. The best part of Proexcellency training Institute is that we have an available 24/7 working environment that is ready to serve our clients at their convenience. Students get a live session in a one to One ratio so that complete attention is given to the students and better understanding . Proexcellency are also provided with recorded sessions and Proexcellency Blue yonder JDA training material PDF for the reference. On completion of Blue yonder JDA TMS training, Proexcellency Help Blue yonder JDA TMS online certification. Hurry Up Join us! Upgrade today for a better tomorrow.

Blue Yonder TMS corporate training , JDA TMS online training


  • Improve visibility, with proactive monitoring and alerts
  • Enhance delivery reliability and improved service levels
  • Enrich asset utilization and improve route/carrier/service level selection
  • Achieve efficient/automated execution and system-driven freight audit and payment

 Key differentiators & advantages of Blue Yonder TMS

  • Cloud-Based Benefits: Blue Yonder TMS is available as a cloud-based solution that provides a various benefits. Users can enjoy a lower cost of entry, secure data storage and real-time updates that don’t cause a slowdown. JDA TMS training.
  • BIm proved Visibility: Blue Yonder TMS provides users with a birds-eye-view of their transportation operations while drilling down and uncovering valuable data. This information can be leveraged to assist in forecasting and planning ahead.
  • Mobile Access: This system is mobile friendly and allows users to access data concerning critical operations conveniently from a smart device connected to the net.
  • Cut Costs: Blue Yonder TMS contains a number of features focused on decreasing transportation costs such as, multi-stop/continuous move execution and decreased expediting. Blue Yonder TMS online training
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: The features of Blue Yonder TMS help users boost the skill and capability of their transportation processes, rapid deliveries with minor errors means happier clients. Blue Yonder TMS training
  •  TMS Overview
  •    Basics of JDA TMS
  •    Understand industry challenges
  •    Understand industry & TM based KPIs
  •    Understand TM terminology 
  •    Understand the functionality within Transportation Manager Modules (Important modules)
  •    Explain the Transportation Manager Workflow
  •    Functionality of TM Modules and High level view of the TM operational workflow
  •    Basic UI Navigation.
  •    Users and Usergroups creation
  •    Entities Setups
  •    Tariff Structures
  •    Operational Lifecycle
  •    Financials
  •    TSB: Transportation Smart Bench
  •    Dock Scheduling
  •    Data upload feature to upload shipments and carriers
  •    Auto Plan - Ship With
  •    Carrier Portal
  •    Tender Notices to Carrier
  •    Carrier Status update and appointments
  •    Technical Architecture of TMS
  •    Server Message logs

 Intermediate Level course content:

  • Introduction to Transportation Modeler
  • Tariff Management
  • Strategy File and Parameter File functions and sample code discussions
  • JDATMS Technical Architecture
  • Installation Steps
  • Integrations with Other systems
  • Implementation related topics (phase wise)

 Advanced Level course content:

  • Transportation Smart Bench Features and Functionalities
  • Data Analysis and Summarisation
  • Logistics Engineering and Analytics
  • Visual Geographic Representation topics
  • TMSProject Management topics
  • New version features discussion
  • Quiz and brainstorming



30-35 hrs

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