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Blue Yonder Space and floor planning Online Training

Blue Yonder Space and floor planning, previously known as JDA Space Planning, support
retailers in making smarter, more accurate merchandise space allocation decisions that
drive revenue growth by leveraging customer insights, increasing the selling-space available and measure KPI’s using robust analytics. Blue Yonder helps a true enterprise-wide space management solution with seamless integration to planograms to streamline the design and implementation of each store’s floor plan to increase category space allocation and sales opportunities. Blue Yonder Space Planning enables companies create, manage, and optimize detailed planograms to optimize the allocation of merchandise space and efficiently execute demand-driven assortment management strategies. Blue Yonder Floor Planning empowers the world’s leading suppliers and retailers to enhance the position, performance, and layout of merchandise categories. Whether administering top-down or bottom-up plans, Blue Yonder Floor Planning merges store design with category management initiatives to drive selling-floor effectiveness, attain corporate goals and gain a competitive edge.

Salary package:
An average salary of Blue Yonder floor and space consultant approximately ranges between 5 lakhs to 15 lakhs per year.

Key Benefits:
 Increases selling-space effectiveness by merging floorplans with strategic category
and corporate initiatives.
 Increases productivity and accuracy by streamlining floorplan management.
 Decreases costs by modeling stores and destination categories before construction.
 Advance category space allocation with automated macro-space planning
 Maximizes sales and inventory turn with powerful reporting and analysis capabilities
that consider customer demographics and store performance.
 Drives efficiencies and improves floorplans with seamless integration with JDA Space
Planning and JDA Category Knowledge Base.


30-35 hrs

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