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Blue Yonder JDA MMS Online Training

Blue Yonder’s (JDA) Merchandise Management System (MMS) online Training teach you how to enables retailers to quickly respond to changes across sales channels and sudden shifts in the market, meet consumer expectations on a consistent basis and gain valuable insights from real-time inventory visibility.Blue Yoder’s (JDA) MMS is a widely-used comprehensive Omni channel solution known for its built-in functionalities, the stability of its data cube and for its advanced pricing and promotion features, including the ability to simulate pricing strategies to quickly make the right pricing decisions prior to implementation.


Key capabilities are as follows:


Reporting/analytics — Blue Yonder MMS consolidates information from several systems, improving decision-making processes.


Inventory control — By offering retailers to align supply with consumer demand, Blue Yonder MMS enables them maintain the lowest possible inventory investment while still satisfying the requirements of customers. It lessens inventory distortion based on an analysis of customer buying behaviour.


Purchase order management — This software accurately and efficiently controls rebates and allowances. Thanks to bulk purchase orders and multi-drop purchase orders with multi-currency support, retailers can maximize their productivity.


Item management — With a system that supports styles and SKUs, Blue Yonder MMS enables retailers maintain a profitable mix of products. It also offers for multiple vendors per item, enabling to increase efficiency.


Price and cost management — Blue Yonder MMS uses comparative pricing, reduced return rates, and fewer repricing events to increase revenue and margins. It provides support for a variety of pricing strategies across channels and in each store.


General ledger — Blue Yonder MMS is designed for flexibility, allowing it to support specific needs and requirements. Retailers can easily and accurately upload journal entries from spreadsheets.


Accounts payable — This software delivers improved matching capabilities. By using multiple term codes per vendor, it is able to expedite processing.


Increase revenue and margins

 Improve inventory and sales performance

 Reduce markdowns and repricing events

 Align product supply with consumer demand

 Optimize inventory investment

 Understand and address performance levels across all operations

 Leverage growth opportunities

 Deliver a seamless shopping experience

 Adapt to evolving consumer needs



30-35 hrs

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