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AtScale online training

AtScale is a data storehouse virtualization result that creates a live connection between
people and data without moving it, anyhow of where it is stored or how it is formatted- on-
premise or in the pall- turning your data storehouse into an important multidimensional
analytics machine. This enables enterprises to resettle to the pall on their own terms with
zero business interruption and without having to rewrite operations or train business
druggies on new tools, using being investments in big data platforms, operations and tools.
AtScale improves the performance of any Business Intelligence tool. The Universal Semantic
Layer allows business sense to be applied across the association, furnishing harmonious
answers for queries from any platoon or tool, while independent engineering optimizes
queries for better speed and cost performance.

Features of AtScale:
 Design Canvas AtScale’s Design Oil visually and intimately connects to any data
 Autonomous Data Engineering — Just- by- time query optimization that anticipates
the requirements of the data consumer.
 Universal Semantic Subcaste — A workspace with a Design Oil for your data
consumers to define business meaning and get a single- source- of- verity.
 Security & Data Governance — Centralized security policy to polarize access using
the tenants of Zero Trust.
 Virtual cell roster — A gateway to data that's fluently discoverable and amicable —
and available to use every day.

Advantage of AtScale:
 The data modelling is through the web-based interface which is quite convenient for
mutli user environment;
 Advanced data caching mechanism which makes some pay-by-click services much
 Excellent performance gain through the caching mechanism;

 Small but quite senior support team.


30-35 hrs

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