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Astro WMS is a cloud-based solution that simplify inventory management, order processing, quality control and other warehouse operations. Its real-time forecasts and logistics management potential are suited to warehousing and distribution businesses of all sizes. It leverages artificial intelligence to streamline warehouse operations, improve warehouse efficiency, reduce operational costs, and increase margins.

 Key Features of Astro wms online training:

  1.  Inventory Management:  Manage centralized inventory with real-time updates on stock-levels, lot control and inventory adjustments. Maintain optimum stock levels on all channels and warehouse locations.
  2.  Warehouse Management:  Handle end-to-end warehouse operations like picking, packing, shipping, receiving and placement by leveraging artificial intelligence.
  3.  Quality Management:  Arrange internal and external quality control measures. Manage expiry dates for optimum stock level maintenance and mark stock as accepted or declined to hold quality standards.
  4.  Order Processing:  Combine, plan, automate and track order-to-delivery processing flow and get full-cycle visibility for outbound processing.
  5.  Real-Time Forecasting:  Predict short-term and long-term demands to plan inventory in real time by factoring in channel inputs, historic sales data, planned promotions, inventory turnover, stock counts and more.
  6.  Shipping Management:  Leverage third-party integrations with carriers and last-mile delivery partners for efficient shipping management and logistics.

 Benefits of Astro wms training.

  • Full traceability, high accuracy and optimizing online in real-time all leads to maximize competitiveness.
  •  Astro WMS works equally well with several picking technologies like vehicle mounted computers, PDAs, or voice control.
  •  It is easy to combine Voice Control and RFID and similar tools with Astro WMS.
  • Astro WMS might be the most skilled warehouse management system for both manual and automated processes.
  •  The system serves for a higher fill factor and guarantees 100% control over all objects from picking to shipping. The order with the highest priority is always picked first. You decide how to priorities.


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