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Arcsight Online Training Course

Arcsight Online training Provided by Proexcellency. Arcsight is an enterprise security manager (ESM) that contain data intake and interpretation, threat feed connections, real-time device correlation, data analytics, security alerts, and user data display via user interface (UI) dashboards and data reporting. Baselining and mechanism notification are also assisted by ESM, which may be accomplished by integration with various analytical tools such as Arcsight user behavior analytics or UBA. Data enrichment elements such as data evaluation, network modelling, geo-location, user modeling, and vulnerability are also included in Arcsight.

Advantages of ArcSight:

  1.  Combine with intelligent logger and ESM for easy rule creation and management.
  2.  Simple integration with all end-point security management tools and their
  3. consolidated output in a single location to effectively correct true and false positives.
  4. ArcSight is a robust tool that can handle millions of EPS files.
  5.  Clustering is possible by using ArcSight.
  6.  Integration with IT infrastructures like ticketing systems, web applications, and
  7. threat feeds, among other things.
  8. Correlation in real-time is compulsory.
  9.  The utilization of dashboards and visualizations is excellent.
There is no specific prerequisite to get started with ArcSight. But, it’s recommended to have a basic understanding of security concepts before joining this ArcSight training to master the concepts easily in a shorter time.

The components of ArcSight are as follows:
Smart connector: Assists in gathering all essential event logs from network devices.
ArcSight manager: Assesses the events considering the network model and information vulnerability.
  1.  CORR event engine or Correlation optimized retention and retrieval engine
  2. ESM supports in the organization of data and its storage in the Corr engine according to the appropriate event retention time.


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