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Apttus CPQ Online training covers  (formerly Apttus CPQ) empowers sales, partners, and customers to efficiently configure complex products and services offerings, and provide personalized prices and quotes, using codified product and pricing information making sure higher win rates and a more pleasurable buying experience. Control a single price book, discounting structure, and quoting structure across all your channels. With an API-first approach, configuration, pricing, or quoting features can be embedded into
any eCommerce, Direct Sales, and Partner Portal, enabling streamline configuration and
pricing across the revenue lifecycle, and the flexibility to add the CPQ service required to
existing revenue operations at a pace that supports our customer’s business needs.

  1.  Guided selling & real-time deal scoring
  2.  Configurable UI to create optimal workflows per user
  3.  Quote collaboration across teams with audit trails
  4.  Asset-based ordering for subscriptions, reorders & renewals
  5.  Cross-sell & upsell insights with full contract visibility
  6.  Multichannel sales on a single platform
  7.  Integrated configuration calculations
  8.  True margin visibility with price waterfall & cost analysis

  •  Understand the fundamental of Apttus CPQ.
  •  Learn how to implement and execute the standard Apttus functionalities.
  •  Show proficiency in Apttus CPQ administration through a real project.
  •  Updated with the latest versions of Apttus products.

An average salary of Apttus Consultant is approximately ranges between 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum

Best For: We have processed over 10M quotes and 5M contracts; have customers in all complex industries (like aerospace, financial, semiconductors); customers include GE Aviation, Citrix, and American Express.

Career growth: Over the past year, Conga innovations have delivered industry leading processing time for complex data, offering new or updated quotes 10x faster than other solutions. Apttus CPQ is the most advanced solution at reducing complexity in the quoting process, enabling sales organizations to respond to customers faster and win more deals. Apttus CPQ’s ability to handle more lines in a quote, more configuration scenarios, and more pricing rules than many other vendors address the increasingly complex requirements of the market.
For instance, Apttus CPQ won a prospect with a complex use case involving 1,600 lines with complex configuration of instruments, rules, and subscription services along with applying discounts and negotiating a contract on 1,500+ lines. Apttus CPQ was the only vendor that could demonstrate end-to-end quote to contract to order submission in under ten minutes for 1,500+ lines and won the deal.


30-35 hrs

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