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Apache Hive is a popular data storehouse software that enables you to write SQL fluently
and snappily- suchlike queries to efficiently prize data from Apache Hadoop. Hadoop is an
open- source frame for storing and recycling massive quantities of data. While Hadoop
offers numerous advantages over traditional relational databases, the task of literacy and
using Hadoop is dispiriting since it requires SQL queries to be enforced in the MapReduce
Java API.

Benefits of Apache Hive:
Apache Hive is ideal for running end- of- day reports, reviewing diurnal deals, making ad-
hoc queries, and performing data analysis. Similar deep perceptivity made available by
Apache Hive render significant competitive advantages and make it easier for you to reply to
request demands.
 Ease of use: Querying data is easy to learn with its SQL- suchlike language
 Accelerated initial insertion of data: Data doesn't have to be read, parsed, and
reissued to a fragment in the database’s internal format, since Apache Hive reads
the schema without checking the table type or schema description.
 Superior scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency: Apache Hive stores 100s of
petabytes of data, since it stores data in the HDFS, making it a much more scalable
result than a traditional database.
 Streamlined security: Critical workloads can be replicated for disaster recovery.
 Low Overhead: Insert-only tables have near- zero outflow. Since there's no renaming
needed, the result is pall friendly.
 Exceptional working capacity: Huge datasets support up to 100,000 queries/hour.

Many illustration business use cases for achieving these pretensions:
 Clickstream analysis to member stoner communities and understand their
 Data tracking, for illustration to track announcement operation
 Reporting and analytics for both internal and client- facing exploration
 Internal log analysis for both web, mobile, and pall operations

 Data booby-trapping to learn exact patterns
 Parsing and literacy from data to make prognostications
 Machine literacy to reduce internal functional outflow


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