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Apache Camel online training is a versatile open-source integration framework on the basis of known Enterprise Integration Patterns. Apache Camel offers support for Bean Binding and seamless integration with popular frameworks such as CDI, Spring. Camel also has great support for unit testing your routes. Apache Camel is distributed as a set of libraries (JAR files) and is covered under the open- source Apache License, under the Apache Software Foundation.

Features of Apache Camel:
Camel assists plug-gable data formats and type converters for such message
transformations, so new formats and converters can be included in the future.
 It assists several popular formats and converters; some of them are– CSV, EDI, JAXB,
JSON, Xml Beans, XStream, Flatpack, and Zip.
 Apache Camel supports plug-gable languages to write predicates in DSL. Some of the
supported languages consists of JavaScript, Groovy, Python, PHP, Ruby, SQL, XPath,
and XQuery.
 Apache Camel assists the POJO model so that you can plug in Java beans at various

Usage Apache Camel:
 Integrating applications together: Camel is intended for situations where you require
to move data between different protocols and applications (such as files, emails,
APIs, or web apps).
 Pattern-based development: Many frequent needs for integration like support for
transactions, or transformation would usually be complicated to plan and write in
code. But Camel offers many of these, and can often be enabled with just the flick of
a switch (OK, by just changing a variable!).
 One high-level style for many integrations: Once you have learned the basic
patterns, and how to work with Camel components, you will find that it becomes
easy to churn out many integrations in Camel.

 Working with data, and especially Java objects: As it is a Java framework, it’s
especially good at working with Java objects. So, if you are working with a file format
that can be de-serialized into a Java object (many file formats can be converted into
Java objects, such as XML, JSON….) then it will be controlled easily by Camel.


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