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Warehouse management systems help businesses meet their inventory and supply chain
needs. Its superpower automates companies' fulfilment processes and optimizes how
people, space and equipment are used in the new digital economy. However, warehouse
management systems are often standalone entities. This is because the WMS interacts with
all aspects of the business (purchasing, sales, inventory, accounting, etc.).
Unfortunately, the exchange of data between these separate systems is not always smooth.
For example, data can be duplicated or lost as it is transferred from one system to the next.
Also, waiting for information to sync is frustrating. An integrated WMS and ERP solution
eliminates the need for data synchronization and enables seamless real-time
communication 24/7.
Acumatica's manufacturing, distribution, and retail customers wanted and needed this
capability, and Acumatica responded with his Acumatica WMS. Integrates and extends with
Acumatica sales management software. Together, they improve sales, increase productivity,
integrate with inventory management, and improve the customer experience in today's
Omni channel and e-commerce retail environment.

Method is as follows. Acumatica WMS:
 Scan barcodes and verify picked items to reduce errors and improve customer
 Automate routine order picking, packing, receiving, storage, transhipment and
physical inventory
 Scan serial and lot numbers and print picking lists to avoid shipping errors.
 Scan barcodes to interact with your mobile device.

Main Features and Benefits:
 Reduce costly mistakes
Accurate barcode scanning and verification of picked items eliminates the risk of
under delivery or miss delivery. Failure to fulfil orders often leads to costly returns
and customer dissatisfaction.
 Efficiency through automation
Acumatica WMS uses custom workflows and forms modes to automate routine
picking, packing, order receiving, storage, movement, and physical inventory tasks.

 "Smart" Simplicity
With pre-printed Smart His Scan His sheets, a warehouse worker can perform all
necessary system operations with just her one scanner.
 Support batch number and serial number tracking
Serial and lot numbers are scanned and printed on pick lists and packing slips so
there is no error in what was picked and shipped.
 EDI support
Advanced Fulfillment works with his EDI software from a third party for full EDI
compliance including 856 Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) to electronically transmit


30-35 hrs

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