SAP MM training Overview

SAP MM (Materials Management) is a popular  Training course in the field of Supply Chain Management (SCM) offered by SAP SE. It is one of the most widely used modules in the SAP ERP system and deals with the procurement and inventory management functions of a company.

The Online SAP MM Training course covers various aspects of SAP  materials management, including procurement, purchasing, inventory management, and vendor evaluation. It also covers the integration of these functions with other modules of SAP, such as Finance and Controlling, Sales and Distribution, and Production Planning.

Some of the Main topics covered in the SAP MM course are:
Master data management in sap MM
Purchasing and procurement process in SAP MM
Inventory management and valuation In SAP MM
Material planning and consumption-based planning In SAP MM
Invoice verification and payment processing in SAP MM
Vendor evaluation and performance monitoring in SAP MM
Logistics and supply chain management in SAP MM
Integration with other SAP modules in SAP MM
The SAP MM course is designed for professionals involved in materials management, procurement, logistics, and supply chain management. The course is offered in various formats, such as classroom training, online training, and self-paced learning. After completing the course, participants can take a certification exam to become a certified SAP MM consultant.


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